Five great TV cartoon quotes you can use in everyday life

I’m an adult male. I watch cartoons. Mostly cartoons aimed at adults (the phrase adult cartoon gives the wrong idea entirely), but cartoons nonetheless. One of the benefits of cartoons is that they can be a little more out there than live-action shows. This in turn generates immense quotability as the characters can get away with saying virtually anything. Some things you would like to say, but never could. Here are a few you can work into everyday life. Choose wisely.

King of the Hill: “Nobody cares, Bill.” Despite the inclusion of the name ‘Bill,’ I use this to refer to anyone, without changing the name. It works best outside of work (obviously) and calling someone else Bill emphasizes the comedic aspect so people unfamiliar with the reference are less likely to mistake you for a garden-variety jerk. I’ll let Dale demonstrate its effective use:

The Tick: “Science. Boring. Interest fading…” Unlike ‘Bill’ above, I do substitute whatever topic at hand in this quote. Tired of discussing fabric swatches with your wife? Toss out “Fabric. Boring. Interest fading…” and pretend to fall asleep. Don’t forget to duck.

Family Guy: “Ahhh.” I don’t know how to spell the inhaling sound from this clip. Unlike the first two quotes, this one is unlikely to offend people if you actually use it. If used, you must repeat it no fewer than three times.

The Simpsons: Ralph Wiggum “I won! I won!” and “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!” This is a two-for-one. These also are unlikely to offend, but may make you seem like a world-class idiot. Generally, I’m pretty OK with that. Context is everything here. Use “I won! I won!” when someone tells you terrible news. The second quote you have to adapt, unless you are really failing English, in which case it loses much of its appeal. Use it when someone points out a stupid, obvious mistake you made. It takes the sting out for both parties.


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