Things I’ve wondered this week

I wonder if the makers of Downton Abbey consciously use the contrast principle. Make everything exceptionally boring so that the slightest bit of entertainment looks like genius.

I wonder if people like puns as much as I do. If not, why not? What’s not to like?

Is this just a form of procrastination? At least I’m getting it done early.

Procrastination. Not just for breakfast anymore.

Procrastination. Not just for breakfast anymore.

Why do I read comments on popular blogs? Further, are blog comments indicative of our collective intellectual level? I hope not.

What’s Dennis DeYoung up to these days?

What should I be working on? I have a nearly finished fantasy/scifi novel, a second draft of a romantic time-travel comedy, and two works in progress, a same-universe story that follows And God Said…and an interesting, unpublishable, experimental novel-poem. No, there is not a better way to describe that one. Maybe you can help with this: What should I work on now?


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