And God Said... Front Cover

And God Said…An Absurd Tale of Love, Power, and Paperwork

Check out And God Said…An Absurd Tale of Love, Power, and Paperwork, available in Kindle and paperback from

What happens when God falls in love?

God retires, gets engaged, and unleashes an unprecedented hullaballoo. Can God find true happiness and wed the woman he loves?  Or will angry Anglicans, the replacement god, and the most important progress reports in the universe stop the former Almighty from achieving marital bliss?

Steinbeck. Tolstoy. Hemingway. None ever wrote anything like this. Probably for good reason. But And God Said… is funnier than The Grapes of Wrath, shorter than War and Peace, and, let’s face it, you haven’t read Hemingway since high school.


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