But I like that part

After writing, of course, comes editing. Some editing is fine, even fun. Smoothing out awkward transitions, cutting boring scenes, punching up some dialogue are all great things. Inevitably the moment arrives: You need to cut something you really enjoyed writing. All writers experience this. It’s a sad moment, but necessary to sacrifice some goodness for the sake of the overall story. As a way of preserving one of the parts of my novel that I liked, but had to remove, I am sharing it with you. It’s a short scene of Pat Sajak eating marshmallow fluff. Enjoy.

Val and Chuck stood there, stunned. They couldn’t believe it. There he was, just sitting in the Vatican’s pantry, spreading marshmallow fluff onto graham crackers with a knife, and eating them in practically one bite. He paid Chuck and Val no mind, intent on his food. His focus was amazing. Each movement was concise and perfect – no wasted motion. He’d select a cracker, break it in half, pick up the knife, load it up with fluff, spread it on one half of the cracker, clean the remainder off on the lip of the jar, and carefully place the other half of the cracker on top. Then he paused, considering his work ever so briefly, then gently placing the cracker in his mouth. He bit down, and a smile came over his face. A smile so serene, it positively radiated with hope and love.

When he was finished, there weren’t even any crumbs, no extra fluff stuck to the knife, no waste whatsoever. He carefully placed the lid back on the jar of fluff, and set it back on the top shelf, precisely where it had been before. He got up, placed the knife in the sink, and turned toward the door. He stopped, and stood up straight. He looked at Val and Chuck warmly, as if seeing old friends again for the first time in years. His smile comforted them, making them feel that somehow, some way, everything would be OK.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m Pat Sajak.”


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