Final thoughts on Rice Python class

I just finished my final peer evaluations for the Intro to Python Coursera class from Rice University. I learned a ton in the class. I took the class as a complete novice – knowing nothing at all of Python. By the end, I not only felt confident with the tool the professors provided, but I even sought out and used some outside tools successfully. I even adapted most of the graphic elements of our last class project to create Santa Blaster. Note: It requires Chrome or Firefox for sound, and does not work in Internet Explorer. After clocking the link, click the Run button to start the game.

I highly recommend the class to anyone looking to begin programming. The class is not always easy, but if you stick with it you will learn a lot. It also progresses at a good pace, not staying to easy or getting to difficult too fast. I’m hoping they offer an intermediate/advanced Python class. If so, I’ll be there.


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