Cause Collaborative: My experience
I attend my first Cause Collaborative event today. It brings together experts with people from small to medium non-profits to discuss common issues, advice, and best practices. I was a bit of an odd fit, since I don’t work for a non-profit. I do have some ideas in that area, but they were ill-formed. The event was great, very informative and inspiring. It also helped me form up my ideas. They still need a lot more work before being practicable, but they are much more concrete than they were this morning.
It’s amazing how simply discussing ideas with others (that have similar passions) can improve your ideas. The passion and smarts in the room helped me not only give form to my ideas, but also stoked my passion for them (but not in a dirty way). I also appreciated that everyone I met offered help (I most clearly needed it). I hope to further develop the relationships that started today. In any case, it was definitely worth spending a beautiful day at the Cause Collaborative.

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