Uncreative commons: The experiment continues

Continuing my writing experiment (all dialogue lifted from other sources), albeit a bit short today:

“What’s up, Tiger Lily?”[1]said Max.
“Well,” said Dennis. “How did I get here?”[2]
Max and Klaus smiled again, but didn’t respond, as a woman approached them from one of the offices. She smiled as she approached Max and gave him.
“The lunatic is in the hall,”[3]she said, and Max laughed.
Max gestured toward Dennis.
“Here’s Johnny,[4]” said Max.
“Who’s Johnny?” she said, and smiled in her special way.[5]
Max pointed at Dennis again.
“Here’s Johnny.”[6]
“You could call me Dennis,” said Dennis.
“I didn’t know you were called Dennis,”[7]she said. “It’s Janet.”
They shook hands, and walked back toward Dennis’s desk.


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