Confessions of a closet creative

Somewhere along the line, I got the idea that I wasn’t creative. I’m not sure when. Maybe around high school. I attended a creative writing camp at Bowling Green State University the summer after my freshman year, so it seems like sometime after that is right. In any case, once the idea took hold, it’s hard to shake.

In retrospect, it seems odd that I never considered myself creative. I made my first movie in eighth grade. I made two more in college. I drew a series of cartoons in middle school and high school, I was in a (terrible) techno band, played the trombone, painted, and even fiddled with sculpture. But never considered myself creative. I still don’t, in some ways. I’m still muddling through. I’m hoping to get there, to really embrace the creative aspects of my personality. I hope you find my journey interesting.


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