Being organized is (a little) overrated

I’m a fairly busy guy, and I don’t think I let much fall through the cracks. You might think I must be super-organized. I’m not. The main organizational thing that I do is use the Getting Things Done system to organize my email. I don’t use to-do lists. I don’t keep an updated calendar. The way I get things done is not really through organizing things, but by doing them.

I don’t need to organize short-term tasks because I just do them. I don’t need to organize long-term projects because every day I do something elated to them. I don’t let things sit, so they are always fresh in my memory. I can (mostly) remember what happened today, and that includes little bits and pieces of the various projects I have in the hopper at one time.

As an aside, I’m not really sure what a ‘hopper’ refers to, but I like the expression. I just looked it up, and apparently it’s a machine that sorts grain. See? A short-term task, not organized, just done. That is a bit of a silly example, but it gets the point across. Don’t get organized. Get done.


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