Crunch time to-dos

This weekend I was looking over what I’ve been meaning to get done by the end of the year, and how much I have left to do. There’s a lot on the list, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll get them done in time. If not, it isn’t critical for most of them. I wouldn’t have anticipated most of them at this point last year. At that point, I would not have had any books on my radar, and now I have three I intend to have finished (or almost finished) this year:

  1. Gift Grandpa Gave Us – The book of my grandfather’s poetry, should be published by Thanksgiving.
  2. The New God of the Asylum – A science fiction book I will have ready for publication book by the end of the year.
  3. The Pope Story – A comedic novel I should be finished writing.
I also have more Toastmasters things on the agenda than I would have imagined. This unpredictability I think is mostly a good thing. If I knew exactly what I’d be doing a year in advance, that would mean I wasn’t challenging myself enough. It’s been an interesting year for me – hopefully next year will be more interesting yet.

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