Another preview of Gifts Grandpa Gave Us

Another one of Grandpa’s poems (the book to be available later this month):

When Dad Died

Dad smiled as his last breath of life ebbed out.
I wondered if he was thinking about
How as kids we used to climb
Upon his lap at supper time.
He seemed to enjoy it when we said,
“May we dunk in your coffee with our bread?”

Dad would laugh and say OK.
Guess it won’t hurt you none anyway.
Mom’d really rave and fuss
‘Bout how Dad was pamperin’ us.
“Feedin’ those kids stuff fit to kill.
That’s what you’ll do, you will!”

Dad’d smile and squeeze us tight.
Wasn’t much of a fella to fuss and fight.
My that seemed so long ago.
Didn’t hurt me none, you can see that’s so.
Do you suppose this, as Dad’s life ebbed out,
Was one of the things he was thinking about?


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