Three dumbest things people share


I like the sharing function of pretty much any web site. I read a lot of interesting stuff people share. Unfortunately I also read a bunch of crap that no one should ever share. If you share one of these three things, consider giving yourself a sharing timeout, where you aren’t allowed to share anything else for, let’s say, the rest of your life.

  1. ‘Mindblowing’ advice on how to eat ketchup. Or use takeout boxes. Or anything else that has to do with fairly mundane, everyday activities done in a way so slightly different from the way people normally act that no one would notice if done in a crowded mall. Another warning sign: The title of the article starts with the word ‘apparently.’
  2. Text as pictures. Especially ‘photos’ of black text on a white background that says something like “If I died tomorrow, what would you remember about me?” First of all, just type it. It’s text for crying out loud. Secondly, if you posted that, the thing I would remember if you died tomorrow is that YOU DIED AFTER POSTING THAT.
  3. Asking people to like stuff because they agree with it, when it is something anyone would agree with. Example: ‘Like’ if you are against domestic abuse/bullying/your cat being killed by ninjas. Everyone is against those things. If you seriously need to poll your friends to tell which ones are against domestic abuse, you need new friends.

Don’t share these types of things with me, or anyone else. I thank you, your friends thank you, and the internet thanks you. Now go post some Grumpy Cat pictures.


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