Creating an audiobook on

Interesting information on creating audiobooks and Whispersync for voice.


I just got the first nine chapters of Catskinner’s Book back from the voice actor who is producing the audiobook version, and I am really impressed.

It was actually a very simple process to post my book on  ACX is the production arm of, which is owned by Amazon.  Since my books are on Amazon Kindle, once I set up an account on ACX, I just imported my books straight across.

It prompted me to say what sort of narrator I was looking for, sex, age, accent, any distinguishing characteristics.  I wrote in the comments section that the main character of my novels has a duel personality and I needed a voice actor who could do James and Catskinner as distinct voices.

That is what first interested the actor who is doing my books, he liked the challenge.  So I would recommend that anyone looking for a…

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