What the Friday: Shelley Duvall and Suzanne Vega are the same person

Shelly Duvall

English: American singer Suzanne Vega in the t...

You may not have been convinced by my post claiming Alton Brown and Thomas Dolby are the same person. This, however, is much more compelling. Shelley Duvall and Suzanne Vega are the same person. The evidence:

  1. They look the same.
  2. They sound the same
  3. Their names both begin with S.
  4. ‘Vega’ means valley in Spanish, while ‘Duvall’ means valley in Dutch.
  5. OK, so Duvall doesn’t mean valley in Dutch. But both names have a ‘v’ in them.
  6. Suzanne Vega sings ‘Tom’s Diner’ and Duvall once ate at a diner with a guy named Tom.

So there it is. Conclusive proof.


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