Siri howls

Inspired in part by the conceptual poetry from my Modern American Poetry class, I used Siri to transcribe a recording of Allen Ginsberg reading Howl (part one). I did not need a transcription. This was done sheerly for the expected (humorous) effect. Siri did not let me down. I particularly enjoyed the references to Cracker Barrel, Subway sandwiches, and the rhythm of farting. Here follows Howl, as transcribed by Siri:

Hello how Garbelmann

I thought about mind of my generation destroyed by madness, starving Derrico naked.

Grandma Beldenville at dawn looking for filing to go Ryanfeld.

Angel headed for burning the and guttering and I find Dynamo and machinery of night.

Poverty and dad are in home life and I got up smoking in the supernatural darkness of homework last floating across the top of city contemplating that.

O’Berg their brains that heaven on the video Muhammadan angels staggering on tournament rube illuminated

That Drew University radiant school I hallucinating Arkansas Blake like riding a moment scholars of war

Were expelled from the Academy for crazy and publishing up Vinos on the windows Avisco

Blake Byron Paperville or drank turpentine in paradise valley that over to Florida for those night after night with the thing with drugs with waking nightmare outlawing talking and Lavoro

Incomparable blind research shuttering clouds and lightning in the mind leaving Birkhold Canada and Patterson illuminating all the motionless world of time between

The only solidity the whole backyard Green Tree Cemetery dog what an drunkenness over the rooftops

Barbara Burrows of you have your ride

Bluegrove traffic light Gallo-Roman please vibrations in the roaring Wintergrass of Brooklyn Avenue panorama Rosenstein feel like mine

We’re jabberers out of the subway’s wedding and let’s ride from Barry’s only Briaton Benzedrine until the ninth of wielding children brought them down Catarin [environment megabrand on grinder Bremington of your life

José glamorizing selling Brickburg and brought about this is the list Belvior afternoon indelible David listening to the Cracker Barrel my dihydrogen your box

Conveniently 70 hour rock the past about the belly of the museum for the Brooklyn Bridge

Hello battalion of electronic conversationalist jumping down the virus windows Bilgore Empire State out of the moon

Yakking screaming vomiting whispering fact the memories and anecdotes and I n Shoppe the hospital Vanndale the Lord

Illinois discordant total recall for seven days and nights would bring it I need for the synagogues on the pavement

Will Benedetta know where the New Jersey leaving a trail unambiguous pictures of Atlantic City law

The great Eastern sweat and then Jerian been grinding than migraines of China Onderdonk withdrawal inordinately furnace room

Wandering around and around midnight in the railroad yard wondering where to go with no broken heart

Let me know Ruttenbur Grobart by the bilateral Roseborough Guatemozin Barlow run by the night

I chloroxylenol across the V about Kabbalah Colipava is independently vibrated other people

Yeah relative to the state of Idaho zigging visionary and Makaniolu are visionary Indian angel

What they were only mad when Polaroid Moondance supernaturalists is a

Boondoggling vagina monologue Larelani impose a winter midnight like Volvo

Falerenw hungry and lonesome been thinking dazzlers exports and follow the brilliant fun converts about America and it Saturday, August 10 of the fabric

Who disappeared the volcanoes of Mexico leaving that I’m nothing with a shadow of dungarees and Delilah – of poetry Gotthard fireplace Chicago

Reappeared on the West Coast investigating the FBI unbearded short think that’s vizard sexy in the dark skin testing out incomprehensible

O’Byrne cigarette holder neurons for testing the narcotic tobacco-related capitalism

Undistributed supercontinents templates in Union Square leaving undressing Weliste sirens of Los Alamos will come down and well done Walenda Staten Island ferry also well

I broke down crying right gymnasiums naked and crumbling before the machinery of August 11

Detective Internet intrigued with the right involute cards for committing the crime of the wrong while cooking better at the end intoxication

Hi Robin is in the Subway sandwich Graco waving genital manuscript around Seldenright in the ass by saintly motorcyclists unscrambler John Bruno about by the human therapist nonferrous caresses of Atlantic and B and Ross’s’s

Quality morning in the evening Rosegarden McGrath the public parks and cemeteries scattering the seeming relieved to whenever, Mary

You don’t Eversley trying to get overwhelmed out with assault behind a particular the Turkish baths LeBlond then they get Angel game tapirs them with the sword

Rotheroe was afraid the one I Truley heterosexual dollar Loredard through the links out of the room and the one I truly does nothing but sit on her ass is that the intellectual golden threads of the Craftsmans blue

Copulated ecstatic and satiate with a bottle of beer sweetheart a package of cigarettes and thought the bed and continued around LeBron down and thinking on the world with a vision of all the mismatching, losing the last season of consciousness

Who’s lutenist batches of 1 million girls trembling the sunset in the redeye in the morning but prepared to sweeten the touch of the sunrise flashing but I’ve underline the naked in the lake

What outpouring to Colorado. Stolen my car and the secret euro these forms of Denver joy to the memory of his innumerable labors of girls and empty lots of diner backyards moviehouses rickety rows are mountaintops and caves were going to waitresses and familiar roadside lonely Peddicoat uplifting and especially the gas station solipsism Jonzon hometown rally to

Lustrated out of that sort of movies which is the dream work on a sudden Manhattan and pick themselves up out of basement over with okay and Harvard Ave., Landgreen stumbled unemployment offices

Hello overnight with their shoes full of Ladomus no bank docs waiting for the door in the East River to open door roomful of been even opium

Create a great suicidal grandmas on the apartment but thanks Ameluxen a little more time blueblood light of the moon and then that shall be Crownwood Loralyn oblivion

Okay Blansfield imagination or did the crab of the muddy bottom of the rivers of ours’s

Whether the romance of the streets with a pushcart full of onions and bad music

Was that inboxes reading a darkness under the bridge and Rosa to build harpsichords in their loss

Fulcroft on the sixth Longbottom friend Woodflame under the tubercular sky surrounded by the orange crates of theology

Hello my rocking and rolling over Lauppe envenomization in the yellow morning with friends of humor

Google Robbinelle Moradabad be abruptly is dreaming of your vegetable kingdom

Rosings Alan Loganrun

The villonodular verruga got that bad breath outside of time Elron Rockefeller has everyday for the next decade

Who got the rest megadynes excessively unsuccessfully gave up and report over Metzenberg with her brother were growing old cry

For Verleriv an innocent plosives on Madison Avenue and a glass of letting number and it picked up that early I am dragomans of fashion and nitroglycerin shrieks of affiliative advertising in the mustard gas is very intelligent editors or were run down by a broken taxicabs of absolute reality

Olgelthorpe the Brooklyn Bridge this actually happened to walk away the ghostly days of Chinatown superhighways and firetruck 31 free beer

Mobile download Rileyville about your name to each other the hot Rod going to buy gel solitude Watterra Birmingham Jasmine going to

Bulldogger need an Olympic Cathedral praying for each other salvation and life and breath until the phone illuminated at airport second Crackville mind in jail waiting when possible criminal leuprorelin had been the charm of reality and Elbart thankfully Bluesville out the trash

Google to Mexico that Colormate I have a Larock email dependable to Alakendi of the boys or Southern Pacific to look like locomotive Le Havre tonight this is the Woodlong to the daisychain Argrave

Demanded sanity trial using the radio hypnotism and we’re left with her and her hands in a hungry

Google the Terabella that CCNY electro… Is him and subsequently presented themselves on the granite steps of a madhouse Brookshaven has a harlequins feature of suicide demanding instantaneous lobotomy

Forgot cross-country 72 hour to find out if I had a vision are you at a VisionWare you had a vision to find out eternity to Glenboro died in Denver game back to Denver and waited in vain want philodendron brooded and Rhododendron finally went away to find out the time and now Denver come-from-behind hero

And Morgan is that the concrete Poitevin flumethasone electricity hydrotherapy psychotherapy occupational therapy thing polynomial you

Brothers overturned only one symbolic ping-pong table resting briefly and catatonia

Your granulator pretty well except for Owega but inheritance center for the visible madman don’t want to grammaticality us

Rockland Pilgrim thanks and great profiteroles bickering with the echoes of the phones rocking and rolling the midnight solitude vengeful around the Ross Green lowlife a nightmare Bunnyfriend this phone and having of the moons

When mother finally*in the last fantastic flip-flopping out of the tournament window glass door closed at 4 AM and left telephone slamdunk alone reply to Lafrenz romantique down the lassies of mental furniture or yellow paper roses with the wire hanger in the closet that imaginaries snubbing hopeful little bit of hallucinations

Call while you’re safe I am not safe and now you’re really in the total animal superfine

Androvette for rent for the icy streets obsessed with a sudden flash of the alchemy of the use of the ellipse The catalog Demeter the vibrating planes

For rent and made incarnate gaps in time and space images juxtapose in fact the Archangel of the soul between the visual images and join the elemental presence of the noun – of consciousness together jumping with sensation of Fraderal Nathans I Canadeo’s

Create this is Actinomadura for your girls and Vandevoort Newspeak is an intelligent checking with James suggested yet confessing out the soul to conform to the rhythm of farting is naked and endless pants

The madman follow an angel I am unknown get putting out what might be left the same time, accidents

Hello reincarnate in the GoldLink world of jazz in the Goldhorn shadow of the band and Aluminum Company of America’s negative mine collapse inguinale again as I work on a saxophone private revisited down below I Ravoux

The absolute home right widget out of their own bodies LaGrega thousand years


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