Python: Memory

I’ve been busy working on the Python Blackjack games for my Coursera class, which has been the most challenging by far. I did not find the Object Oriented approach to programing very intuitive. Consequently, I struggled mightily at the beginning. Once it clicked, it went fast. I’ll share after the submission deadline.

Here’s my implementation of Memory, which was fairly straightforward. The pattern on the cards was accidental, but I kept it because I thought it looked neat compared to simpler cards. The Memory game introduced loops and mouse input, and was fairly straightforward. Or maybe I just think so now in comparison to Blackjack. The last project of the class is Asteroids, which should be fun.

I’ve been trying to rebuild some of these games using standard Python with Tkinter, but haven’t gotten anywhere. I’ve been struggling to upgrade to 2.7.3 using Google App Engine. If anyone has experience with this, I’d appreciate the help.


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