The Old Man and His Dog

Another preview from Gifts Grandpa Gave Us:

The Old Man and His Dog

The old man and his dog after a long walk
Under a shade tree to rest did lie.
“Old girl,” the man said. “I wish you could talk.
“How we could reminisce, you and I.”

The old dog from her place by her master’s heel
Understandingly wagged her tail.
For there were many shared joys she could reveal
If this privilege upon her did prevail.

Moments of quietude slowly passed.
The lo and behold miraculously
The old dog lovingly asked,
“What would you talk about with me?”

The old man was so amazed.
He thought he’d lost his mentality.
Intently into the dog’s face he gazed
And asked, “Did I hear you speak to me?”

“Yes!” the dog slowly replied.
The man remained somewhat appalled.
When this feeling did finally subside,
Many past joys they recalled.

They laughed as they talked about the first day
The man brought the dog home to his wife.
Some of the things she was heard to say
Cut deeper than a butcher’s knife.

“Yes,” the dog said. “I thought she’d lost her mind,
And surely I’d be one dead pup,
But I soon learned her heart was so tender and kind,
She’d sound off just to cover it up.”

They talked about the wintry days and how the kids would slide
On a toboggan which would all six of them seat,
The dog running and barking by their side,
Playfully nipping at their feet.

The dog recalled how she’d made a rule
To be the children’s protector and guide.
Every day to and from school
She’d be trotting along by their side.

“Well the kids are gone and my wife’s with God,
But we’ve got our memories,” the old man said.
To this they both gave a favorable nod,
And each a little tear did shed.

Dear reader if this tale quite fantastic seems,
Thus it seems rightly so.
For the two companions awoke from their dreams,
And to their lonesome home did go.


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